Bring some glitter and sparkle into your home or business with the beautiful glitter finishes we offer.

Our glitter finish Ilumitextra Colour shades create absolutely spectacular results; an effect which creates an illusion of space, light and colours.

Clear flakes of polycarbonate are sprayed over a heavy-bodied acrylic bonding base. The colour comes from the base and are available in any colour. Coloured glitters can also be added for added effect and we offer hundreds of different colour and finish variations.

With a hard wearing lacquer which is applied making this a smooth and durable finish for use in commercial and domestic properties.

Our glitter finishes are also completely waterproof, so great for bathrooms and kitchen splashbacks or units. They make stunning feature walls, and lovely ceilings, too.

Just had this done as a feature wall in a bedroom. Absolutely gorgeous.

Maureen Shaw

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The well-defined and tastefully selected multicolour flake combinations produce a luxurious lightly surfaced visual texture, yet the final coat of lacquer affords a comparatively smooth, easily cleaned surface.


The finish is long lasting and can be scrubbed repeatedly without damage to the finish. The metallic shapes can be used are non-tarnishable, ensuring the system keeps its good looks.


As the finish is completely continuous there is no shrinkage, ‘scuffing’ or opening of joints, as can happen with jointed wall coverings

Can it be used in a shower enclosure or around a bath?

Yes. It is waterproof and easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth.

Can you go over existing tiles?

Yes. We can go over tiles its just a bit more work on the preparation, we use our Micro Cement to apply a thin coat over the tiles to give them a smooth uniform surface.

Can this be done in small spaces ie small downstairs toilet?

Yes. No problem. Please make an enquiry to arrange a quote.