A unique decorative render with a twist. Made from quartz aggregate it is known for being particularly strong, durable and waterproof. This makes it ideal for exterior use, or interior where it can come into direct contact with water e.g. wet-rooms. The ultimate high end finish for all project types at a very reasonable price.

LONG-LASTING INVESTMENT – Crystal Quartz can be applied straight to plasterboard as well as brick or block work to give that WOW factor to your home.

CRYSTAL QUARTZ PURPOSES – Suitable for shower enclosures, wet-rooms bathrooms and beauty salons, night clubs, bars, restaurants, student accommodations, apartment communal areas, and even camper vans.

Internal & ExternalKitchens & BathroomsHard wearingColours
External use ranges from full house rendering to smaller areas intending to give the wow factor to your home e.g. pillars, concrete window sills, and porch areas. Internally Crystal Quartz has been used all over the home. Used as a feature wall you can have an area sparkling and shimmering, guaranteed to catch the eye or a more muted colour intending to just offer a unique finish.
Due to the fact it is waterproof, easily cleaned and durable it can be used as a replacement or addition to conventional tiles for bathrooms and kitchens. With near endless possible colour combinations, matching up to existing kitchen/bathroom units is achievable and with our added sparkle we can make dull kitchens/bathrooms come back alive.
Perhaps the most advantageous use of Crystal Quartz is in communal areas/hallways in homes, hotels, apartment buildings, student accommodation and office buildings etc. With its ease of application, ease to clean and durability it is perfect for any area that needs constant upkeep. Once Crystal Quartz is applied your job is done, we guarantee a finish that will look as eye catching after years as it does on first application.
With over 25 different colour aggregates, there are 100s of unique colour combinations available. Add to this our source of 100s of different colour glitters and holograms the render not only looks fantastic but offers high a quality and long lasting finish.