Lime Thin Coat Renders are a new breed of natural hydraulic lime renders.

Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) has been used for hundreds of years across a broad range of substrates. Lime render is by far the most breathable render product available; lime render expands and contracts with the building which makes it particularly suited to older buildings or wooden framed buildings.

Lime renders are eco-friendly as they absorb CO2 out of the atmosphere while curing. When fully cured the lime render sets back to lime stone state and provides a very durable finish.

Venetian Plaster Company use KEIM Lime render and KEIM Mineral paints supplied by Isle of Man KEIM Agent – Lightfast Ltd. Please click here to find out more.


Benefits Tech: Suitable substrates
  • Simple, reliable and economic
  • Outstanding flexibility – No need for expansion joints (except where engineered into the building)
  • Ideal for renovation and preservation of historic monuments and listed buildings
  • Ideal for both the construction of new buildings and restoration/redevelopment
  • High breathability/moisture vapour permeability
  • Ideal for concealing cracks, flaking and differences in texture
  • Can be applied onto existing sound renders without the need to hack off
  • Usable in any application without priming
  • Suitable for swimming pool walls and ceilings
  • Long life and durable system
  • For all mineral substrates, both interior and exterior
  • The patch repair of existing rendered facades over large or localised areas
  • For application onto sound existing renders
  • Synthetic resin renders
  • Solid old paint coats
  • Synthetic resin paint coats and cracks
  • Glazed tiles
  • Rubble stone
  • Brickwork
  • Concrete
  • Timber
  • Various insulation boards
  • Marine ply
  • Project Showcase: 2, Grosvenor Road, Douglas

    The recently spray applied acrylic based paint coatings were completely unsuitable, had failed and required removal.

    KEIM paint stripper was used in conjunction with the THERMATECH high pressure steam cleaner to remove the existing coatings. Following structural repairs, KEIM Contact Plus, a high build mineral paint, was applied to assist and equalise the surfaces before the final coats of Keim Soldalit-ME mineral paints.

    The Thermatech/STS7M paint removal was undertaken by Building Conservation (Isle of Man)
    The decorative finishes were completed by Venetian Plaster Company Ltd.
    The specifier was Lightfast Limited.
    The resulting high quality finish looks great and will last for many years to come.

    • Project Showcase: Ballavilley, Santon

      The conservation of this old stone walled property was carried out with a Keim system that achieves breathability thereby solving internal damp issues.

      It was partially re-rendered with reinforced netting to hold it all together and with Keim Universal Lime Render, then painted with the breathable Keim Solidat ME which reduces bacteria and mould spores.

      • Project Showcase: Cowley Terrace, Peel

        Cowley Terrace is a row of 11 properties in Peel built in around 1880. Due to the dated external appearance and failures in the existing render, a scheme of refurbishment was commissioned including updating the render system.


        • Project Showcase: Falcon Cliff Apartments, Douglas

          A brand new façade was realised for these apartments.

          After some remedial works to the structure; the front and side elevations received KEIM thincoat Universal Render treatments at 10mm thick incorporating KEIM glassfibre mesh

          LM Construction were main contractor with Venetian Plaster Company providing the render installation.

          • Project Showcase: No.2, Ravenscliffe, Laxey

            This property has undergone extensive refurbishment – the external elevations commanded three differing specifications –

            • Project Showcase: Piccadilly Court, Douglas

              This is Phase 1 (of 4) of works undertaken to these coastal apartments on the promenade in Douglas.

              These coastal apartment blocks were in need of repair to lintels and damp proof courses, rendering and decoration.

              Treatments carried out include repairs to stonework including extensive lintel and damp proof course replacements. All crusted corner beads were removed.
              Following repairs, 10mm thick Keim render was applied over the substrate in 2 coats and decorated with Keim Royalan long life mineral paints.

              A fantastic finish that will last for decades – great solution for coastal apartment blocks.


              • Project Showcase: The Cat With No Tail Pub, Douglas

                Several elevations of this building had suffered form severe cracking within the render finishes.

                The worst elevations have been treated to a thincoat over-render using KEIM Universal Render incorporating KEIM glassfibremesh – guaranteed not to crack. The newly rendered elevations received 2 coats KEIM Soldalit-ME mineral paint over to achieve a 20 year product warranty.

                • Project Showcase: Lime Thin Coat Render, Brither Cliff, Onchan

                  The specification of KEIM lime based renders and mineral paints is specifically formulated for use in harsh marine environments. The property now looks exceptional. This property will continue to look great for decades to come…

                  Our clients at Brither Cliff House on Onchan Head wanted to freshen up their property and give it a more modern exterior.

                  We applied Keim Lime (thin coat) render over all of the old face brick work then painted it using Keim mineral paint.

                  We have used Keim lime renders and mineral paints as they are simply the best exterior coatings available for application to mineral based substrates in our harsh seafront climate.

                  This system carries a product warranty of a minimum 15 years before any further decorative treatments would be required; in most cases however, the longevity of Keim systems far exceeds that of any given warranty periods.

                  Thanks to Lightfast Limited (Isle of Man) Kinrade Scaffolding & Construction Isle of Man BMC Painting & Decorating Kevin Sutton Matthew Callow.

                  Video of before and after