Monocouche Rendering (meaning single coat) is a decorative breathable rendering process suitable for both internal and external use.

Through Colour Renders: a large selection of colours are available, which when added to the render (prior to application) create a through colour render. The render is generally applied by machine to your walls, which speeds up the entire process.

The finish has a fresh and clean look which lasts for many years and benefits from not needing to be painted.

K Rend renders are silicone based and well suited to the Monocouche process providing a long lasting waterproof breathable virtually maintenance free finish to your property.

Monocouche Rendering can be a cost effective alternative to conventional sand and cement renders offering faster application time and long term savings.

  • Micro porous vapour permeable
  • Water repellent qualities
  • Does not need repainting over – the colour goes all the way through the render
  • Simple application to brick or block
  • Various finishes available including fine textured, dashed, smooth and scraped texture
  • Insulates the house, cutting heating bills and saving money