Circular Columns, Curved Walls or domes give the appearance of polished stone at a fraction of the cost. Even large columns can appear totally seamless, as if cut from a single vast lump of stone.


  • Project Showcase: Dome, The Arches, Port Erin

    This very modern and bespoke dome was transformed when we applied a white Lucidato plaster to it and gave it a very high sheen with our all natural bees wax.

    Lucidato is highly reflective and the perfect choice for this bold decorative feature.

    • Project Showcase: External Staircase, The Arches, Port Erin

      Our client had some very nice steps formed in concrete and wanted something stunning to finish them off so we applied a white Marmorino Classico plaster to them. The end product is absolutely gorgeous.

      Marmorino Classico is a masonry covering that can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces. Marmorino Classico was the perfect choice for these external steps as it creates a rather thick coat offering outdoor resistance and featuring a high level of permeability and natural mildew resistance.

      • Project Showcase: Pool area, The Arches, Port Erin

        We did this Swimming pool area with walk in shower in a white Intona plaster with white Marmorino plaster bands added giving a cool and modern look.

        Intona is great for pool and shower areas due to it’s highly breathable nature, and its naturally anti mould surface.

        The smooth Marmorino gives a glossy finish making a great contrast with the texture of the Intona plaster when applied in bands like this.