Intona is a stucco, very similar to Marmorino, but having more sand and larger aggregate making it uniformly rough with slight variations in colour. It is an ideal plaster for achieving a natural stone look, and is available in fine and coarse textures. The rugged, grainier appearance combines with a less highly polished surface to can create the appearance and feel of honed or lightly polished limestone.

This finish is suitable for interiors and has a subtle quality. Although not visually dramatic over large areas, it can be used as a rich backdrop for artwork and is often used in banding designs with Lucidato to achieve a variant in textures, and is also used for logo work.

What makes it so perfect for exteriors is its durability and functionality. The breathable properties of Intona allow it to dry itself out quickly and it has a high pH making it is naturally mildew, mould and bacteria resistant. Being a natural, lime-based stucco, it has a strong adhesion to the background substrate and is ideally suited for use over textured surfaces such as brick, stone and concrete. It is crack-resistant and self-healing, which means it will stand up well when situated in adverse conditions.

  • Project Showcase: Pool area, The Arches, Port Erin

    We did this Swimming pool area with walk in shower in a white Intona plaster with white Marmorino plaster bands added giving a cool and modern look.

    Intona is great for pool and shower areas due to it’s highly breathable nature, and its naturally anti mould surface.

    The smooth Marmorino gives a glossy finish making a great contrast with the texture of the Intona plaster when applied in bands like this.