Marmorino Flooring is a hand-crafted, durable, and stylish polished plaster for floors, made from natural materials. It has a smooth, lightly polished finish which has a transparent look and the finish becomes stronger with age.

The seamless smooth matt finish is suitable for use in areas where you want simple lines. It’s ideal for a minimalist environment because of smooth, uninterrupted continuity.

Suitable for both modern and historic buildings, it is recommended for use in areas of low traffic such as bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, hallways, or bedrooms, and should be treated with the same care as wood or soft-stone flooring.

The final effect depends on the protective treatment. Linseed oil gives it the most natural appearance and is the more common final treatment. A polyurethane varnish gives the surface a stronger finish which is more difficult to scratch and can have a satin to glossy finish.  It is naturally non-slip surface, but special anti-slip treatments are possible.  Cleaning is extremely easy.

  • Project Showcase: External Staircase, The Arches, Port Erin

    Our client had some very nice steps formed in concrete and wanted something stunning to finish them off so we applied a white Marmorino Classico plaster to them. The end product is absolutely gorgeous.

    Marmorino Classico is a masonry covering that can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces. Marmorino Classico was the perfect choice for these external steps as it creates a rather thick coat offering outdoor resistance and featuring a high level of permeability and natural mildew resistance.