Silicone and acrylic renders  transform virtually any substrate, giving dull and tired looking structures a new lease of life.

Light weight thin coat render systems are a suitable alternative to cement render and far superior in performance and durability.

They are a form of polymer render applied in two coats with the first coat (base coat) incorporating a nylon reinforced mesh, with a total thickness between 8mm and 12mm.

Venetian Plaster Company offer a comprehensive range of anti-crack silicone renders, with an unrivalled track record in Europe, and which are becoming increasingly popular in the UK due to their superb quality, superior colour range and wide choice of textures and finishes.

Lightweight thin coat render requires sealing or coating once cured. The flexible anti-crack formulation and ultra-violet resistant pigments of silicone or acrylic renders allow for large areas to be seamlessly rendered with perfect colour consistency.

BenefitsThrough Colour RenderTech: Suitable substrates

The Light Weight Render Systems we use feature:

  • Unrivalled anti-crack formulations
  • Exceptional weatherproofing properties, UV stable
  • Vapour permeable, reducing condensation
  • High levels of impact resistance
  • Suitable for uneven substrates
  • Low maintenance with self cleaning properties
  • 50 year track record throughout Europe
  • Vast colour range

Thin coat through colour render colour chart

These silicon and acrylic through colour thin-coat renders
are made with an anti-crack formulation.

  • Light weight thermalite blocks
  • Breeze blocks
  • Concrete blocks
  • Brick
  • Insulation slabs
  • Exterior wall insulation.

Other substrates may be suitable.