We offer a safe and environmentally friendly masonry cleaning and conservation service using Thermatech and Thermavac equipment. This system utilises modular, superheated-water cleaning equipment, and is environmentally friendly, often being carried out without the addition of any chemicals.

The ThermaTech machine uses steam at 150 degrees to effectively kill algae, moss etc and removes oil, stains and dirt without using gallons of water.

ThermaTech not only boosts the performance of milder agents, but it cleans ‘more’ than conventional and aggressive pressure washers and uses less water than conventional hot and cold water pressure washers. It also doesn’t create any mess as all debris is recovered within the vacuum chamber.

The cleaning of stonework is not just for cosmetic purposes, it is also vital in removing harmful deposits/materials on bricks or stonework. Removing harmful materials from brick and stone work allows the substrate to breath, release moisture and salts.

  • Developed for use on historic buildings (Approved by English Heritage)
  • Can be used on modern buildings also
  • Cleaning masonry, monuments, sculpture and the like
  • Removal of old paint coatings from building facades and other surfaces
  • Can be used both internally and externally
  • No mess as all debris is recovered within the vacuum chamber.